Johnstone’s Anti-Bacterial Matt paint helps protect your home, and assists in the fight against harmful bacteria*. Our specially formulated paint has been designed to inhibit bacterial growth when applied to your walls and ceilings, giving you an extra layer of protection. The Anti-Bacterial Matt is also designed to provide a tough and durable finish, making it an excellent choice for use around the home, even in testing environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. The paint is washable, therefore will withstand regular cleaning, keeping your walls protected whilst maintaining a great finish. 

* Proven to actively inhibit MRSA and E-Coli. Designed to be used alongside regular household cleaning

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Inhibits anti-bacterial growth

Prevents the spread of harmful bacteria across your walls and ceilings.

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Helps protect your home

Assists in the fight against infections which are caused by harmful bacteria.

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Tough and durable

Withstands regular cleaning, keeping your walls protected whilst maintaining the finish.


Shop Johnstone's Anti-Bacterial Matt in 10 stylish colours!

Our new Anti-Bacterial Matt comes in a variety of on-trend colours that are perfect for all areas of your home. You can select from:

• Brilliant White
• White Lace
• Frosted Silver
• Manhattan Grey
• Summer Storm
• Crushed Pineapple
• Pink Starburst
• New Duck Egg
• Vintage Denim
• Forest Stroll

Watch our video to learn more about how the innovative paint technology in Johnstone's Anti-Bacterial Matt can help you protect your home