How to Paint your Cupboards

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Bring new life to your kitchen in just one day with Revive Cupboard Paint, a quick and easy way to transform Melamine & MDF kitchen cupboards. This easy-to-use formulation dries to a smooth satin finish and can be applied directly onto cupboard surfaces with no need for a separate primer or undercoat. Plus it is low odour, which means there is minimal disruption to your home.

1. Prepare by removing all the door furniture, contents of the drawers and cabinets. To protect glass and hinges use masking tape and newspaper, place dust sheets to protect other surfaces.

2. Ensure that the surfaces to be painted are de-greased with a strong detergent then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

3. Once dry, if desired, you can fill dents with a wood filler and use sand paper or wet & dry paper to smooth the filled surface (see the product pack for directions).

4. There's no need to prime with this paint, saving you time and money! We recommend using a small roller to get a smooth finish.

5. Once the first coat is dry, sand with a fine paper, wipe the dust off with a damp cloth then apply the second coat. Sanding the surface ensures adhesion between the two layers of paint and a professional finish.

6. When the paint is dry you can re-fill your cabinets, put back on your old (or new!) handles and knobs, and admire your revived furniture!

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