How to create a vintage photo frame

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How to paint a vintage photo frame using Johnstone's Revive Metallic Paint

1. Before starting, wipe down the frame with a damp cloth removing any grime or dust and wait for it to dry thoroughly. Apply your first coat of Revive Metallic Paint using a brush– no need to prime, sand or strip.

2. Wait for your first coat to dry to touch, but still a bit tacky.

3. Distress by using baby wipes or a damp cloth, where you would like the original frame to show through, unlike sand paper, baby wipes will only take off the paint and not disturb the original substrate. If you have dry brushed, be careful not to knock any areas you don’t want distressed because it will blend the effect.

4. Now wax using Revive Clear Finishing Wax and a cloth or rag (an old white t-shirt would be ideal). You only need a little wax, as it’s extremely easy to work with. Just rub the wax over the paint, pushing as you go. this will help seal your paint and create a more workable base if you want to add metallic waxes.

5. To create a further aged affect, apply a darker wax such as Revive Gold or Sepia Finishing Wax after the Clear Wax has set. Dark wax looks quite daunting when you first use it, so use it sparingly to build the effect up. If you only want to apply it to corners and areas of decorative moulding, a brush might be better than a cloth. If you want a sheen to your frame you’ll need to buff it with a microfibre cloth once the wax has cured for 4 or 5 hours.

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