How to transform a bedside table

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1. To start with, remove the drawers and handles, wipe down the surfaces with soapy water removing any grease and dust and allow to dry thoroughly. Line the inside of the drawers with painters tape or masking tape to avoid paint going into areas not required. Lay dustsheets on surrounding areas to protect surfaces.

2. Now the fun begins! First shake the Revive Chalky Furniture Paint tin before opening, then give it a good stir. Get straight into painting your furniture. Paint the edges with a brush, larger areas will achieve a better finish with a small roller. There's no need to sand the surfaces with our specially formulated paint! Follow the grain of the wood with your brush, without applying it too thick - avoiding the paint running/dripping. Wait for your first coat to dry thoroughly before applying your second coat. Paint the front and sides of the drawers in a contrasting colour.

3. Once the paint is dry you can proceed onto waxing. Using Revive Clear Finishing Wax and a rag (such as an old t-shirt), rub the clear wax into the surface. You only need a little wax, as it’s extremely easy to work with. Just rub the wax over the paint, pushing as you go. Allow the wax to dry a little before getting another clean cloth (such as a microfibre cloth) to to buff the surface to bring out a soft sheen in the wax. Repeat this a section at the time until the piece is complete. Using clear wax in this stage seals in the Chalky Furniture Paint, protecting the surface and the finish.

4. Finally you can install your handles. New handles can be a great finishing touch. Revive Silver Wax has also been applied to the backplate to enhance the new crystal handles. Not much cleaning up is required, just remember to wash your paint brush out.

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